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Name:and not of a gun
Birthdate:Jun 26
Location:(states/regions/territories), Australia
I have been in fandom since 2004 and these days I am rather happy to keep quiet and lurk moar in the spare time I have. (This essentially equates to none between the months of February and November, so you are all mostly fine!) I deleted my old LJ back in May 2008. You may have read my fic or meta, or we may have fought about something shit like slytherfen or feminism or I don't even fucking know. I don't really remember a lot from that far back. Firstly, because the shame spirals made me block out the memories, and secondly, because I have poor memory naturally.

I'm 25, professionally a teacher of English and Drama at a boys' school in Australia. It is pretty great. I'm also completing my MA in English Literature and I do some half-arsed educational research whenever I pull my finger out and need to prove that I've done my professional development for my teacher registration.

In an amateur sense, I am a writer of original text and the odd HP fanfic. If you ever have a yearning for crap gen or crackfic which mostly focusses on the female characters (lol, like anyone *actually* reads that in fandom) then you can check out my masterlist of fic, which is sadly incomplete due to aforementioned LJ and FFN account deletion. I used to write meta but these days my interests mainly lie in things people just *don't* write meta about. Maybe I might write it, I dunno.

Interests (39):

30 rock, arrested development, australian political slashfic, bette davis v. joan crawford, boys' education, crackfic, crowded house, dara o'briain, debating, donna tartt, drama and theatre studies, educational research, english, enid blyton, feminist pedagogy, fic, finn brothers, gardening, genfic, history of australian schooling, hp, interior design, landscaping, law and order svu, meta, middle years pedagogy, native australian plants, nick cave, office, paul kelly, queenslander houses, reading, religion, social justice in boys' education, stand-up comedy, teaching, the triffids, theatresports, wank
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